Marble Green Cylinder


This is the ONLY marble stone recommended for both hot or cold stone work.

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Chill them in the refrigerator or freezer, but be careful when first applying to the skin! It is best to use a dry barrier (sheet, shirt, or towel) between your skin and the stone to prevent freezer burn. Use them like you would an ice pack (that won’t melt), or cool cucumbers (that you don’t need to slice). Marble stone does not retain heat as long as basalt stone does, so this stone is not ideal for warm or hot stone work except while in the bath or shower where the heat is continuously applied.

Marble doesn’t tend to hold heat well like the basalt stones, which are the stone of choice for heat work. You can chill this cylinder in the refrigerator or freezer, or warm it under the hot water in your sink or in a stone heater (similar to a crock pot), but be careful when first applying to the skin! Use the marble cylinder much like any other SMR roller under your forearm, upper arm, neck, calf, or arch of the foot while doing some of the standard SMR exercises. When heated or chilled the temperature change can greatly assist the soft tissue in responding more quickly to the pressure applied during the SMR exercises. Get 30 minutes of SMR work done in less than 5 minutes! Use this cylinder with the hand stone in the shower for a treat. Place the cylinder and hand stone on your shower floor and allow the hot or warm water to run over your foot while you slowly roll your arch several times on the cylinder and then gently press your arch into the dome side of the stone. (FANTASTIC for any type of foot pain caused by tight muscles!)

There are MANY more marble stones utilized at spas for hands-on cold stone massage than we sell on this site. Many of the stones used in spas are being used by a licensed therapist working ON YOU rather than you using them on yourself. The stones you see listed above are the ones we have selected as the most beneficial for home use. You should proceed with caution when using any of them. You can very literally freezer burn yourself with stones that are too cold for use. (BE CAREFUL!)

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