Beastie Balls


Choose the precision SMR tool for your needs to get the best deep tissue massage possible.



Tool Choices Rumble Roller’s Beastie series includes massage tools for many different needs. Here’s the complete lineup:

Beastie  (Price includes 1 ball and 1 ball base.)

      This massage ball is optimized for deep-tissue work. It comes in 2 versions –


                with super-flexible bumps, or


                        for the deepest possible stimulation.

Beastie Dual Packs (Price includes 2 balls and NO BASES.)

                    Comes in 3 versions –


                  TWO Beastie Balls with super-flexible bumps, or


                  TWO Beastie Balls with EXTRA FIRM bumps for the deepest possible stimulation, or


                  With one Original Firmness and one X-Firm Beastie — for light or deep penetration, depending on your mood

Beastie Base

    This accessory elevates and stabilizes the Beastie for more controlled use, and also enables the Beastie to be mounted to a wall or used with the Beastie Wall System.

Beastie Hook

    This accessory makes it easier to use the Beastie on difficult to reach areas, such as your upper back and shoulders.

Beastie Bar + Stands

      This stick-type massage tool has handles that make it easy to control. The Stands allow it to be used hands-free, mounted to a wall, or used with the Beastie Wall System. (Price includes 1 bar with 2 original or 2 x-firm balls mounted to it and two handle bases.)

Beastie Wall System

    This professional-quality mounting track allows the Beastie and Beastie Bar to be repositioned to any height on a wall. (Price includes 1 single or 1 double track mount, 2 mount screws, 2 drywall anchors, and 2 or 4 clamps for 1 or 2 base mounts.)

Caring for your Beasties

      All Beastie series massage tools are made in the USA from latex-free and phthalate-free materials. Clean them as needed with soap and water or common household cleaners. They’re water-proof and resistant to most chemicals.

These products are not toys. Do not throw or strike with other objects, and keep them out of reach of children and pets.


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