Basalt Sacral Belly Stone


This large and heavy stone helps relieve cramping and adds a sense of being grounded when used in the lower belly area.

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Basalt stones are natural stones that will vary slightly in exact size and shape, but the general dimensions are noted for each stone. These stones are ideal for uses where you want the effect of a ball or small roller coupled with heat to more quickly loosen up tight muscular knots. Heat the stones in 160 degree water, but be careful when first applying to the skin! It is best to use a barrier (sheet, shirt, or towel) between your skin and the stone to prevent any burns. Use it under your neck for a warming sensation that can help with tension headaches. Or use it under your arm, thigh, or calf while doing some of the standard SMR exercises.

It also delivers a deep, penetrating warmth to the musculature of the lower back and upper sacral region. Use this large stone in place of a ball or roller when practicing SMR techniques for the added benefit of increased blood flow to the area you are addressing. For many people just a short time of applying heat along with the pressure techniques affords them lasting relief from issues they otherwise could not work out on their own. For a treat use this under your lower back or hips before bed. (Ohhhhhh so good!)

There are MANY more basalt stones utilized at spas for hands-on hot stone massage than we sell on this site. Many of the stones used in spas are being used by a licensed therapist working ON YOU rather than you using them on yourself. The stones you see listed above are the ones we have selected as the most beneficial for home use. You should proceed with caution when using any of them. You can very literally burn yourself with stones that are too hot for use. (BE CAREFUL!)

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